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Gleaux Bomb-Milk & Honey

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This Fresh Bar is a part of our Gleaux Honey Initiative, a portion of proceeds from select items in our store will go to organizations that actively help the smallest but biggest impact on our food chain, through action or spreading awareness in the importance of bees and our ecosystem.

Smells like oatmeal, honey and warm milk.

Our Gleaux Bombs are all about self care and skin health, drop one in a warm bath and soak up the fragrances and luxurious oils. Due the natural nature of this bomb it works well for children and adults with sensitive and dry skin.

Vegan friendly (though it does contain honey powder), made with biodegradable and renewable ingredients.


Colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, honey, Epsom salt, raw oats, golden mica powder and cocoa butter*.

*Now available dipped in cocoa butter for additional moisturizing properties. 

  • Responsible Design

    Designed with integrity and durably crafted for everyday use.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    We only partner with people who put the earth, and its people, first.

  • Giving back

    Every purchase directly donates to an organization that puts helping the planet or others first.