The Gleaux Honey Initiative


We here at Gleaux Fresh Skin & Beaute have a goal to not only sell skin care and wellness products, but to also leave the earth a better place. Not only do we try to instill more daily practices of sustainability, through the use of eco-friendly supplies, utilizing recycled or upcycled materials; we also give back!  

Bees are more than just honey, they are needed in order to pollinate our crops and bee pollination is worth about $15 billion to the US farming industry. Yet they are facing great danger due to climate change, excessive use of pesticides, loss of habitat and so much more. So we here at Gleaux Fresh Skin & Beaute want to do our part to help with awareness and change and you can help!

As part of our Gleaux Honey Initiative, a portion of proceeds from select items in our store will go to organizations that actively help the smallest but biggest impact on our food chain, through action or spreading awareness in the importance of bees and our ecosystem.



When you make a purchase through {retailer} you’ll see a “You Shop. We Give.” section as you check out.


Select one of our featured causes.


We will donate {insert % or $} of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

So not only are you helping your skin get the "gleaux" it deserves, but your giving back to great causes and helping us do a little happy dance!

-Stay Fresh, Gleaux Up!

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