A Bit About Gleaux Fresh


A little bit about how Gleaux Fresh came about

As with many people, the pandemic and quarantine were a time of growth and change that for us turned into a positive birthing! Gleaux Beaute was started in early 2019 and was intended to be a cosmetics company that sold a few skin care items. We were well into production and manufacturing when the pandemic struck and everything halted! Instead of being upset about the change, the owner and her partner used this time to learn new skills, study new subjects and reset their mentality. Jaz took up baking and developed a healthier diet that involved more natural mostly plant based diet. Her partner, like many other people, started looking into natural minerals and vitamins that could help boost the family immune system and naturally fight any illness. As a result Jaz started noticing her skin looked better she felt better and with nowhere to really go she wasn't caking on makeup daily .

These changes peeked her interest to research for herself the real benefits of a more natural skin care regimen and the effects of the chemicals that most US based skin care have. That's when she discovered that the US doesn't regulate skin care as the EU does and there are so many harmful ingredients that are allowed in US skincare.

From this new knowledge and desire to live all around healthier and more entuned with a more natural way of life, Gleaux Fresh Skin & Beaute was born. We try to be a more plant based sustainable skin and wellness line. All of our products have botanical and vitamins as the main ingredients and more than half of our products are completely vegan, but all of our products are EU compliant. 

So what started a full on cosmetic/makeup line morphed into a wellness and skin care brand that focused on the skin underneath and sells beauty products that enhances the natural beauty not cover it up.

Aside from our products themselves, we believe in a more sustainable lifestyle, though we don't promise to be 100% sustainable, most of our packaging is recyclable or upcycled. We opt for biodegradable packaging and supplies where possible and we only use ethically sourced ingredients. Aside from our sustainable production, a number of our products have multiple uses cutting down on the number of products needed to purchase to sustain the perfect beauty and skin regimen. A portion of sales are also donated to Black organizations that support a better environment through education, action and engagement.

We just want to show that the "luxury" of good for you skin care products can be affordable and easily attainable, beautifying the world while lessening our impact on Earth.

We thank all our Fresh and Gleaux Beauties for their support!

Stay Fresh, Gleaux Up!

- The Team at Gleaux Fresh Skin